cropped-Banner-004.jpgI wanted to share a little about myself and how I got to this point in life.  I have a wonderful and beautiful wife and we two great sons. Don’t tell them I said that ;).  I began my love with pottery about 2002.  While traveling the highways and byways of the great state of North Carolina, I was drawn to stop by one of the many pottery shops on the Old Plank Road.  As I watched a potters wheel turn and the clay as if like magic rose from the wheel I was addicted.  With this addiction, I started stopping at every pottery shop that I had an opportunity too.  I sought out someone to teach me in the ways of the potter.  I found David Garner and his wife Deborah at Turn and Burn Pottery.  They have become great friends in helping me to feed my obsession with pottery.  I have learned many things from them and continue to learn.

After purchasing my wheel I began to practice, when time permitted.  With two boys, a job that took me on the road, Church and Family it did not leave much time for pottery.  Then with a new job, which allowed me to be close to home, I started practicing more.  First David would fire things for me and then I bought an old electric kiln and made a gas kiln out of it.  This allowed for me to set out more on my own to be able to be a true potter.

As I learn, I also tried to include my family.  Ryan, my youngest son took to clay and has become a pretty good potter at 13.  My wife sometimes will help decorate a piece and my oldest son will too, but they have not taken to turning.

In 2009 I finally began to start making things to sale and have continued on that road.  That is when Little Creek Pottery began.  Up until then pottery was mostly a hobby. I now hope to make it into something more.  So come back and check things out and see how things are going.  If you see something you like why not add it to your collection.

Thanks for checking us out.


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