Bisque Firing Kiln – Way To Long

No picture or video today, but I wanted to share my firing.  I spent Saturday working on my Farth-in-laws house and came home about 3pm to load the kiln for a bisque firing.  As some of you may know and for those ones who do not, I use gas for bique firing as well as my glaze firing. The kiln was loaded and firing by 3:45pm.  Here is my schecule for bisque firing.

Candle- Fire just on with port holes open.  1 1/2 hrs
Turn up 1 turn – 2 hrs
Turn up 2 turns – 6 hrs

This normally get me to bisque 08, give or take an hour.  Well lets just say last night was not the usual.  Sometimes I might need to go 11 hrs but it took me 13 hrs.  I think what happen is we had freezing temps and I had to much draft and it stalled at about 1500 degree F.  Well what I ended up doing was all but closing the chimney draft and as soon as I did it only took me about 45 minutes to get to temp and get cone 08 down.

Well let just hope that when I get everything glazed and fire it up for glaze firing,  I am more prepared.  At least the bisque is done and now to get ready for the glaze firing.  That is all for now.

God Bless, Wayne

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